Lake Park Friends

Draft minutes of the 20th Annual Meeting

Lake Park Pavilion – Marcia Coles Community Room

May 10, 2016


1. Welcome and Introductions – Alice Wilson

Alice Wilson welcomed all attending the Lake Park Friends Annual Meeting and recognized that 2016 is the 20th

Anniversary of Lake Park Friends organization. LPF is the longest existing Friends group in the park


2. President’s Report -Alice Wilson

Alice reviewed the accomplishments of the year including the successful Cirque, Musical Monday’s and

Wonderful Wednesday’s, the new LPF website and the successful youth tennis programs.

3. Minutes from 2015 Annual Meeting -Jennifer Grasse

Jennifer Grasses called the business portion of the meeting to order. Jennifer asked for approval of the minutes of

2015 meeting. Steve Duback moved and Mary Kelly seconded. The motion passed unopposed.

4. Election of Board of Directors and Officers – Jennifer Grasse

Jennifer read the slates and bios of the new nominees for the board of directors Jason Jentzsch, Melissa Mooney

and Jock Mutschler.

Election of Directors

Directors accepting nomination for a first two year term:

Jason Jentzsch

Melissa Mooney

Jock Muscheln

Directors accepting nomination for second two year term:

Eileen Force Cahill

Gillian Gosman

Directors continuing:

Rachel Block

Buffy Duback

Shirley Conlon

Bill Haury

Barbara Johnson

Jeanne Prochnow

Jack Price

Colleen Reilly

Sue Bolly Schlenker

Alice Wilson

Judy Van Till

Alderman Nik Kovac (ex officio )

Parks Director John Dargle (ex officio)

Director terming off the board:

Jennifer Grasse

Election of Officers

President Alice Wilson

Secretary Jeanne Prochnow

Treasurer Judy Van Till

Jennifer asked for a motion to nominate the slate. Tracy Luber moved and Eileen Cahill seconded the motion.

The motion passed unopposed.

5. Comments on Ravine Drive Bridge Project – Steve Duback

Steve discussed the ongoing process established to identify the next steps for the repair/replacement of the Ravine

Drive Bridge. Graef Engineering has been awarded a contract to address the repair or replacement of the bridge.

A bridge work group has begun meeting to review the bridge options. Members of the work group in addition to

Graef Engineering include representatives from Milwaukee County Parks, District 3 Milwaukee County

Supervisor, City of Milwaukee historic preservation, Milwaukee County Historical Society, Lake Park Friends,

Preserve our Parks, Historic Water Tower Neighborhood, North Point Lighthouse Friends, WI Historical Society

and UWM School of Architecture. The recommendations of the project are due by June 30th. Funding for repair

or replacement of the bridge beyond this planning grant has not been established.

6. Presentation of Conservator Award to Shirley Conlon – Bill Haury

Shirley Conlon was awarded the Conservator of the Year award. Shirley, a member of the board since 2013. has

led the Weed Out Program for the past four years and contributed countless hours of invasive plant removal

yielding visible results in the north portion of the park. She recruited volunteers but also worked almost daily

during the2-3 months of the garlic mustard removal season which has made a significant impact on the invasive

plant community in Lake Park.

7. Recognition of retiring LPYA Coordinator, Leah Penn – Alice Wilson

Alice recognized Lean Penn and Alden Grasse for their initial development of the Lake Park Friends Youth

Auxiliary and following Alden’s departure for college, Leah’s coordination the Youth Auxiliary in the subsequent

years, Leah communicated and organized high school students in providing hundreds of hours volunteer services

in land stewardship and assistance with events such as the Cirque, Ice Skating party etc. The Youth Auxiliary

provides an additional pool of volunteers to assist in the support of Lake Park.

8. Recognition of retiring board member – Alice Wilson

Alice recognized retiring board member Jennifer Grasse, Secretary and VP of Administration who has performed

her roles in an outstanding manner for the past 6 years. Jennifer has been nimble and responsive in her defined

roles and has also extended her assistance to other areas as needed. Jennifer was given a framed photo of Lake

Park to commemorate her service to Lake Park Friends.

9. Adjournment – Alice Wilson Please join us for wine, cheese and conversation after the meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.