Visit Our Park

Lake Park has been a Milwaukee gem since 1889. Enjoy the great stretches of open, meadow-like spaces, winding paths that lead to surprising vistas, large scapes of wildlife, and lastly, a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan. Experience all Lake Park has to offer:

North Point Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a beautifully restored Milwaukee landmark and museum. Visit the website.

Nature Walks

Enjoy the beautiful open fields and wild-preserved areas of Lake Park. Or, take a tree walk using the LPF Tree Book 2016 as your guide. In the spring, use the LPF Wildflower Book to help identify the wildflowers in Lake Park. View the Lake Park map.

Bird Watching

Learn about birds that are present in Lake Park. Visit Birds of Lake Park in Milwaukee Facebook.

Musical Concerts

Pull up a chair for summer concerts in a natural setting. Learn more.

Ice Skating

A great park activity to enjoy during the winter!

Yoga at the Park

A great way to start your morning in Lake Park’s beautiful Community Room. View upcoming events.


A fun time for kids!


Lake Park has 5 lit courts with backboards. Visit Milwaukee County Parks.


Reserve one of six designated picnic areas or spread out a blanket in another area for free. Visit Milwaukee County Parks.


Join a club and play soccer. Visit Milwaukee Kickers Soccer Club.


Great baseball in a great park. Visit Lake Park Little League.


An 18-hole par 3 golf course is open to the public. Visit Milwaukee County Golf Courses.

Lawn Bowling

Enjoy the Bowling Greens. A favorite since 1919! Visit Milwaukee Lawn Bowls.

Dining at Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro

A French restaurant in a historic pavilion, nestled on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Visit Lake Park Bistro.

Milwaukee Croquet Club


Wicket Fun in Lake Park. Visit Milwaukee Croquet Club.